Wine Tasting

Autumn Tasting: The Highlights

This week’s Autumn Tasting at The Drop Wine Bar was a real blast! We tasted over 60 wines and a selection of spirits, including our Christmas Specials and Exclusive Selection. The venue was buzzing with chatter and clinking, while some of our favourite South African producers entertained the guests with their fantastic wines to pair with food served straight from the flaming braai.




During the tasting we asked some of you to choose your favourites from the day. The results ranged from Italy, France, Spain, South Africa and USA, and below you can see everyone’s choices!



Event Top Picks




Graham Beck Brut Rosé



Lorraine, from The Offy in Whitstable, chose the Graham Beck Brut Rosé 2013.



She said: “This is the kind of wine which goes well on any occasion, from summer parties to Christmas celebrations. It’s a true ‘all season’ choice! It’s well-balanced, it has a fantastic acidity and its fine bubbles are just a pleasure for the mouth. The price makes it a real gem too, as you have the same quality of Champagne but you pay half the price! We’ll stock it for sure at the shop….”










Ross, from The Offy too, remained in the Old World and chose Sughere 2015 by Rocca di Frassinello.


He said: “This wine is fantastic! The fruit is prominent and leads the way to a well-structured, powerful Tuscan red with a strong palate. The taste is well-defined but doesn’t linger too much. It’s such great value for money, totally worth trying it!”









Bruno Paillard Rosé Premiere Cuvee NV


George from Fine Wines & Spirits in Harlow selected the Bruno Paillard Rosé Premiere Cuvee NV.





He said: “This is a non-conventional rosé, it’s fantastic. I really like Bruno Paillard’s Champagnes, and I believe this will make a very good impact with our customers”.











For Hayley, from Fine Wines & Spirits too, the best wine of the day was the Old Vine Zinfandel 2017 by Ironstone.




She said: “I particularly liked this wine. It’s stunning, smooth and fruity. I think it’s an over-delivered Zinfandel”.










Harpreet, from Wapping Wines in London, selected the Askos Verdeca 2017 by Li Veli.




He said: “I like everything about this wine. The texture and balance, the acidity and mouthfeel. The packaging is very elegant, while its price point is accessible. Perfect!”













Freddie Herring from Noble Green Wines in London opted for the barrel fermented Chenin Blanc 2017 by Stellenrust, and said:



“Drinking this wine is a pure pleasure. It’s very well-balanced and I particularly enjoyed its mouthfeel and weight. The oak is great here, not overdone or disturbing, adding a particular taste to the wine. The long finish is delicious, and the price is definitely a plus!”










Beatrix from Curated and Crafted, chose the Single Vineyard Chardonnay 2017 by Journey’s End. She said:



“I was very pleasantly surprised by this Chardonnay as, usually, I’m not a big fan of this grape. Journey’s End has done a fantastic job here, the fruit balance and the acidity are brilliant. It’s such a versatile wine which you can enjoy both on its own and with food. The price is also a plus!”










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