Journey's End

Founded in 1996 when the Gabb family took over and replanted the estate, Journey’s End has quickly become one of Stellenbosch’s top addresses. Journey’s End is right at the heart of Stellenbosch, with one of the cape’s most exciting terroirs.

The philosophy in both the vineyards and cellar follows a minimum intervention approach to ensure the quality of the fruit shines through. Ever respectful of the environment, Journey’s End use natural pesticides where possible to retain the area’s biodiversity. If that wasn’t enough, it’s one of the few solar powered wineries in South Africa. Sustainable and ethical wine production guides all the decisions at Journey’s End. It even has 10ha of land dedicated to indigenous plants and wildlife.

In the cellars, winemaker Leon Esterhuizen handles the grapes as little as possible and uses pre-fermentation soaks to maximise fruit character. His sensitive use of oak ensures that the fruit always shines through in the glass.

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