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Soft Drinks Industry Levy – Sugar Tax 2018

Below is a full list of the taxes to be added to soft drinks bought from Walker & Wodehouse Wines from 6 April 2018:   Product Code Product Size Lower Rate Higher Rate Tax per case £ Tax per unit £ 15018 7 Up, Can 330 ml x 24 X 1.43 0.06 22836 7 Up, PET 500 ml x 24 X 2.16 0.09 33158 7UP Reg 1.5L,PET 1.5

Walker and Wodehouse gins for London Wine Fair

Gin time with Walker & Wodehouse

Sales of premium gin have increased fivefold since 2010 and see no signs of slowing down. With consumers increasingly on the look-out for non-commercial styles, we’ve put together a collection of artisanal gins from some of the most interesting craft distilleries in the country.   Come and