Wine trends for 2017

What’s trending in 2017?

As we ease out of winter, it’s time to take stock and think about what people will be drinking in the coming months. So we’ve put together a quick round-up of what we think are three key trends for 2017, when it comes to wine and spirits.


Quality over Quantity


UK consumers may be drinking less wine but they are definitely drinking better. In 2016, one in every three bottles sold in the UK On Trade was £15 or more, compared to one in five just two years ago, plus On Trade sales of wines above £20 now account for 14% of total sales, representing a 9% increase over the last two years. In the off-trade market, only two price segments showed growth in the last twelve months, £6.01-£7 up 3% and £9.01-£10 up 2%, while wine sales under £6, declined by 6%. (MAT Nielsen July 2016).


Artisan Spirits drive drinking diversity


Aside from robust wine sales we’ve been delighted with the growing interest in artisan spirits. In the last twelve months we’ve seen sales increase by 24%, with our customers more and more interested in extending their wine range with a selection of premium spirits.


Our small but growing list is constantly expanding, and we now offer 134 Gins, 114 Vodkas, 98 Rums and 44 Tequila’s, including a host of small batch artisan producers, all with a great story to tell and a delicious product to taste. So if you haven’t discovered our spirits range yet – now is the time! A diverse range of handpicked, artisan spirits, with producers including Eden Mill and Jensen’s, can play a vital role in building your customer base and in demonstrating a strong understanding of your customers’ needs.


Wine Adventurers


With 50% of UK consumers drinking wine at least once a week, the desire for new taste experiences in wine is growing. A broader range of single varietals are becoming increasingly popular on both On- and Off Trade lists.


While Malbec is still hugely popular, wine drinkers are looking increasingly to the northern hemisphere for indigenous varietals like Gamay, Cinsault and Tempranillo, which along with Malbec are leading the charge in sales of red wine above £15. For whites, it is Sauvignon Blanc, Albarino, Fiano and Picpoul that are driving sales at this key price point (see graph below).


With this in mind, our buying team has been busy sourcing a range of exciting new wines that directly responds to this evolving trend.


Key trends - Varietal wine growth - graph


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