The Art of Spritz

The very essence of laid-back Italian cool, spritz has become an al fresco staple for warm summer evenings. The original Venetian recipe of bitter liqueur topped with Prosecco and soda has evolved into a myriad of different forms, but the important thing is for a spritz to be refreshing, easy-to-drink and effortlessly stylish.


Here are two contemporary takes on the classic spritz.


The Wingfield – Great British Gin Aperitif (new and exclusive)


The Wingfield is a brand new and distinctively British aperitif launched exclusively by Walker & Wodehouse in April. Made from London dry gin and a secret blend of cucumber, elderflower, fruits and spices, it looks set to change the way we drink this summer. The complex layers of flavours have been developed to taste ‘like a summer garden at dusk’ and are best enjoyed on the rocks with a splash of soda and a twist of orange.


Wingfield spritz
• 70ml The Wingfield
• 35ml Soda Water
• Twist of orange


Combine and serve on the rocks with a twist of orange.


Fiorente – Elderflower Liqueur


This beautiful elderflower liqueur is produced by Francoli Distillery in Northern Italy, a family firm that has been handcrafting spirits since 1875. Made with wild elderflowers grown in Piedmont, Fiorente also incorporates lemon peel and mint, which gives it a uniquely clean, zesty finish. It also has a lower sugar content than other elderflower liqueurs, making it perfectly balanced for drinking as an aperitif.


Fiorente spritz

• 25ml Fiorente Elderflower Liqueur
• 50ml Prosecco
• 50ml Soda Water
• 10ml Lime Juice
• Mint Leaves


Muddle the mint and lime juice, then mix with the other ingredients in an ice-filled glass.


Contact us for more information about Fiorente and The Wingfield.