Say it with… Gin!

Valentine’s day is just around the corner and it doesn’t get more romantic than a beautifully-packaged bottle of craft gin and a fun day out visiting a distillery.


Eden Mill’s ‘Love Gin’ is infused with raspberries, raspberry leaves and hibiscus flowers (along with traditional botanicals) to give it a subtle pink hue and mellow flavour – the perfect gift for a gin lover this Valentine’s Day! The boxed gift set includes a 50cl ceramic pottery bottle of Love Gin, a distillery tour pass and two tulip gin glasses.


Eden Mill


Based in St Andrews, Eden Mill is Scotland’s first combined brewery and distillery. It was founded in 2012 on the site of the legendary Haig distillery which started in 1810. Making beer, gin and whisky allows each to be subtly influenced by the other two. So you might find beer aged in whisky barrels, or gin made from hops. They are constantly experimenting, tinkering and tweaking to make things no-one has ever tasted before. They source everything ethically and, wherever possible, locally, using the green fields and wild coasts of Scotland for inspiration.


Discover Eden Mill’s distilling secrets


Included in each gift box is an experience pass for a tour round the St Andrew’s distillery. The tour starts with a refreshing gin and tonic, followed by a tour of areas not normally open to the public. Visitors can learn about the craft of distilling and discover a whole range of locally-grown botanicals, finishing with a gin tasting of the full range.


Everlasting Love – Cocktail Recipe


Shake it up with a Valentine’s Day cocktail.

Gift box: £24.93 DPD ex. VAT per Gift Pack

                                                                               £24.93 DPD ex. VAT per Gift Pack


• 35-50ml Eden Mill Love Gin

• 4 raspberries
• 1 drop rose water (optional)

• 100ml lychee juice
• 15ml pink grapefruit juice
• cubed ice
• raspberry and dried hibiscus petals to garnish.


• Crush the raspberries in your glass
• Fill the glass ¾ full with cubed ice
• Add the gin, rose water (optional), lychee juice and pink grapefruit juice and stir
• Top with crushed ice
• Garnish with a raspberry and some dried hibiscus petals.


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