Pasarisa Catena wine

Pasarisa – Beyond Mendoza

Laura Catena is a fourth generation winemaker whose family pioneered the revival of Malbec. When her great grandfather Nicola Catena arrived in Mendoza from Italy in 1902, he believed he had found the promised land. Until then, Malbec had been used only in blending, but Nicola saw the potential for something far greater. He pioneered its revival, putting Mendoza on the map, and contributed to the global reputation that Argentinean Malbec enjoys today.


In this same spirit of adventure, Laura Catena began exploring the potential of Argentina’s other promising regions, founding the Catena Institute of Wine in 1995. She was convinced that grapes grown in these stark and varied microclimates would create something truly remarkable, and her project Pasarisa is a celebration of these terroirs. The name combines those of Patagonia, Salta and La Rioja, and highlights their varied history, culture and wine styles.


Patagonia is one of the most sparsely populated regions in the world, but one of the richest in wildlife. You can walk for miles without seeing a single person, but you are guaranteed to encounter deer, sheep, foxes and beautiful wild flowers. Its stunning lakes, forest and mountains are reminiscent of Switzerland. The cool temperature is ideal for early-ripening varieties such as Merlot and Pinot Noir, while windy conditions blow away pests, keeping vines healthy and strong.


  • Pinot Noir 2015
  • Merlot 2015


In Salta, colourful flowers and herbs line the windows and gardens, and everything from the food to the wines is spicy and aromatic – just like its famous white wine Torrontes. The area is also well-known for its Cabernet Sauvignon, which is said to have originated from vines brought from Bordeaux in the 18th century by order of the last Spanish governor. The variety thrives in Salta, displaying a spicy-minty aroma that is typical of this terroir.


  • Torrontes 2015
  • Cabernet Sauvignon 2014


La Rioja

La Rioja was named by Spanish conquerors after the famous winemaking region in Spain. It’s a wild and romantic place, where llamas, goats and horses roam along the country lanes along with hundreds of varieties of snakes and lizards. The iron-rich soil glows orange-red in the bright afternoon sun, while the vineyards are cooled by the shade of abundant hills and cool mountain nights. Syrah thrives in these conditions, leading to wines of incredible depth, texture and flavour.


  • Syrah 2014


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