Walker and Wodehouse Trade list 2016

New Trade List now available

The latest Walker & Wodehouse list for 2016/2017 is now available as a PDF and you will receive a copy from your Account Manager soon. We’ve developed this new list based on customer feedback and market insights. We source from a range of international wine suppliers, with wines from over 15 countries, showcasing over 550 wines and 50 artisan spirits and craft beers.


You’ll find great additions to our Italian, French, Spanish and Australian ranges. This portfolio is complemented by the Walker & Wodehouse Essentials range, 58 wines that offer great value at entry level pricing. Covering the key producing regions and varietals, they provide a great starting point for building a new list, or to complement an existing portfolio.


We understand the importance of exclusivity in the UK market and for this reason we offer over 150 wines that are exclusive to independent retailers and wholesalers in the UK. These producers include Bodegas Escorihuela Gascon, Protos, Val d’Oca, Babich Wines, Bodegas Navajas and Bodegas Cosme Palacio.


While wine is very much our first love, we are falling for spirits in a big way. We are delighted to offer a new and diverse range of artisan spirits, including gin from Rock Rose and Jensen’s, as well as Ogilvy Vodka, Eterno Mezcal, Hyde Irish Whiskey and The Real McCoy Caribbean Rum. Many of these producers are launching in the UK for the first time and have great stories to tell.


Supporting our list, we offer a year round calendar of seasonally-focused promotions, which are supplemented by regular Fine Wine offers. We also have an excellent programme of winemaker visits enabling in-store tastings and hosted dinners, ensuring our wines and spirits are brought to life for you and your customers.


We are very proud to focus exclusively on the independent sector and are continually looking for ways we can improve. We want to provide you with the right products at the right prices and with best in class service. What is more, we want to be easy and fun to do business with. With this in mind we’d love your feedback on our range and services. Most importantly, we look forward to working with you and to helping you grow your business.


View the 2016 trade list or contact us for any specific enquiries.