Gimblett Gravels vineyard


London Wine Fair is always a great opportunity to discover new things. And with this in mind, we’re excited to be showing wines from lesser-known regions of New Zealand.

is situated at the southern tip of the North Island, and is the most southerly sub-region of Wairarapa. It is just across the water from Marlborough, which lies on the northern coast of the South Island, but the two places couldn’t be more different. Marlborough is categorised by its pulsating day and night temperatures with hot, sunny days and very cool nights. It’s this dramatic fluctuation which is the key to Marlborough’s piercing fruit intensity and strong varietal expression. Martinborough on the other hand, while relatively close geographically, has a much more even temperature, which results in more subtle fruit flavours and has been likened in profile to Burgundy.

Gimblett Gravels
, in Hawke’s Bay, was created after the great floods of 1876 had subsided leaving behind a trail of gravel, stone and mineral-rich soils. This unique terroir has some of the warmest vineyards in the region, resulting from plenty of sunshine during the day, and heat retention from the surrounding rocks and stones which keep the vines warm at night. The stylistic characters of red wines from the area are richness, ripeness and elegance with a distinctive fine, dusty tannin finish known as ‘Gimblett Dust’. The Chardonnays are also highly regarded, with characteristic lemon floral notes and a pronounced minerality on the palate.


New to the Walker & Wodehouse portfolio Craggy Range has built an international reputation for its wines from both Hawkes Bay and Martinborough, and we’re pleased to be showing their Te Muna Road Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir from Martinborough at London Wine Fair.


Warren Adamson, Sales Director for Craggy Range, will also be presenting a masterclass on Gimblett Gravels accompanied by Philip Tuck MW, at the Fair on Wednesday 4th May at 12.30pm.


Craggy Range was founded in 1997 by Terry Peabody who, together with noted viticulturist Steve Smith MW, dreamt of making wines that spoke of where they came from. The two men decided to pursue the Single Vineyard Philosophy of winemaking – to select and source the best land and vineyards in the country, and to plant the vines perfectly suited to that terroir. This led them to Gimblett Gravels, where they planted Craggy Range’s Bordeaux red varieties and Syrah; and Martinborough, which was perfect for Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc vines.


In the words of Anthony Rose, ‘If you don’t know Craggy Range, get acquainted, because I can’t think of another wine company that’s managed to roll Bordeaux, Burgundy, Loire and Rhône styles into one harmonious group of wines so successfully.’


 We look forward to tasting Craggy Range with you on stand X42