Delivery and logistics policy

Delivery and Logistics Policies

The safety of our customers and colleagues has been our main priority throughout this period, and as you get back to business, we want to let you know of our ongoing commitment to serving our customers in a safe and responsible way.


We’ve put a number of measures in place to keep you and others safe during delivery¬†


  • Your delivery will arrive during your pre-lockdown delivery window, on your scheduled delivery day. Should there be any delivery restrictions, such as new time constraints or safety restrictions in place, please make these known to our team.


  • The delivery crew will call you before their arrival to notify you that they are on their way, and to find out what unique site requirements you have. On arrival, the team will acquaint themselves with your COVID-19 specific safety measures before unloading.


  • We aim to deliver to your usual delivery point. However, we will need your help to make this happen. Please ensure that staff and guests maintain their distance as we deliver, and that the route is free from obstructions with adequate lighting and ventilation.


  • Delivery teams will minimise touchpoints at every stage of delivery. Before entering, crews will wipe down all delivery equipment and once inside, they will avoid touching hard surfaces and sharing items.


  • Social distancing is to be maintained throughout. Crews will stand away as you check your order and leave your paperwork at a safe distance. Face masks will be worn when required.


  • Delivery crews will collect your empty kegs as they deliver. Please ensure that these are ready to be picked up and placed in an easily accessible area.


We’re committed to our same on-time and in-full delivery standards. We know that great service will make the difference as you get back to business. To help us offer the same great service, we’ve:

  • Kept depots open and colleagues working to serve our customers throughout this period


  • Introduced guest checkout, credit and debit card payment, and live stock updates to our e-commerce site


  • Made our workplaces COVID-19 secure by introducing social distancing measures and one-way systems


  • Provided staff with hand sanitiser, reusable masks and other items of Personal Protective Equipment


  • Increased the daily cleaning that takes place at our sites including on all trucks and delivery equipment


Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions and queries you may have. We’re here to help!