French Cidre Le Brun

Cidre Le Brun – the real Breton cider

Cidre Le Brun first grabbed our attention in 2015 when it won both the medium and sweet cider trophies at IWC’s International Cider Challenge. And when we tried it, we knew we were onto something special. The purity of fruit and textured mouthfeel were a real revelation about what well-made cider could be.


Founded by Jean Le Brun in 1955 on the tip of Brittany, Cidre Le Brun is a cider-maker’s cider. Production is slow, at six months from orchard to bottle, and uses 100% hand-picked fresh apples sourced from their own 120 hectares of orchards. Harvested apples are kept in specially-made wooden crates for 3 weeks before fermentation, so the fruits can begin to dry, concentrating the fruit aromas. They are then fermented at low temperatures for four months in order to retain freshness and acidity. The resulting ciders are remarkably crisp and fresh, but with a lingering complexity that demands attention.


Cidre Le Brun is now run by Jean’s youngest son Dominique and has become France’s leading independent cidrerie. The demi-sec and brut ciders both won silver medals at this year’s International Cider Challenge.


Medium (Demi-sec) – 4% ABV
The sweeter of the two, this cider shows an attractive gold and bright colour. On the nose, this medium cider offers crunchy apple and white flower aromas. Carbonated through second fermentation, it leaves a gentle foam on the palate with good acidity on the finish. Great as an aperitif, it is also sweet enough to be drunk alongside dessert.


Dry (Brut) – 5.5% ABV
Bright and pale gold, this cider offers some appetising ripe apple aromas on the nose. High in acidity, it is crisp and refreshing, leaving a zingy finish with some fantastic apple flavours. It can be drunk by itself or is extremely versatile as a food pairing.


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