Charles Smith

Charles Smith – Rock ‘n’ Roll wines from Washington’s Walla Walla

Hellraiser-turned-winemaker Charles Smith is the ‘rock star’ of Washington State Syrah. Having spent 11 years managing rock bands in Scandinavia, he headed back to his native United States to pursue a life-long passion for food and wine by opening a wine shop near Seattle.


But it was only after he met a young French winemaker on a road trip to nearby Walla Walla that he thought about making his own. The aim was to create wines that can be enjoyed now, but with variety and vineyard typicity. Or as Charles himself likes to put it: “it’s just wine – drink it!”.


Washington is the United States’ second largest wine-growing region after California. Its climate is one of extremes, enjoying very hot summers, and almost arctic winters. Although cooler than California, during the growing season Washington State has around two extra hours of sunlight a day, due to its more northerly position. These warm, sunny days create perfect conditions for the development of ripe fruit, while the cool nights maintain high levels of acidity. Characteristics that distinguish the wines of this region from the lush, rich, fruit-driven styles of California.


Charles Smith is one of the most exciting producers in the State right now. With his team, they create bold, colourful wines that amplify Washington State’s terroir, and are great examples of what this region can produce.


The wines are made in very low quantities from single vineyard sites and with extremely low yields. They have become among the most sought-after in the state. Using lots of new oak and cutting-edge vinification techniques, these big wines are full of character, and not for the faint hearted!


Charles Smith Eve Chardonnay – 10% Off in our Summer Promotions
A juicy, lively Chardonnay packed with aromas of apple blossom, lime and hibiscus flower. The finish is long and beautifully mineral.


Boom Boom Syrah – 10% Off in our Summer Promotions
A classic Washington Syrah, this wine is smooth, firm, fresh and dark with aromas of dark fruits, allspice and sweet tobacco.


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