Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in style with Midleton whiskey

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in style with Fine Irish Whiskey

Irish whiskey is experiencing a renaissance. Once the most popular spirit in the world, it declined in the late 19th century due to the rise of cheaper (and lighter) Scottish blended whiskies, the Irish War of Independence and Prohibition, which disastrously affected exports to the USA.


But for the last 20 years whisk(e)y drinkers the world over have been rediscovering the unique, full-bodied flavour and complex texture of traditional Pot Still Irish Whiskey, making it the fastest-growing spirit in the world for the past 20 years.


Spearheading this renaissance was the resurgence of the famous Midleton Distillery in County Cork, which revived a number of historic brands including the Spot Range, Redbreast and Midleton.


What is Pot Still Irish Whiskey?


One of the key differences between Scottish whisky and Irish whiskey (apart from the spelling) is the type of still used to make it. Irish whiskeys tend to be triple distilled in traditional pot stills (lending a creamier texture), whereas Scottish ones tends to be double distilled in a whole variety of different sized and shaped stills.


Made from a mash of malted and unmalted barley, Midleton’s Pot Still Irish Whiskeys are characterised by full, complex flavours and a wonderful, creamy mouthfeel – a quintessential taste of traditional Irish whiskey.


Introducing Midleton Distillery


The history of Midleton Distillery stretches to 1796 when the main buildings and water wheel were built to be used as a woollen mill, before being converted into a distillery in 1825. The location was perfect, with the abundance of quality barley grown locally in the rich soils of east Cork and the plentiful supply of fresh water from the Dungourney River.


Today the mission of Midleton Distillery is to replicate and enhance traditional styles of Irish distillate but also to embrace the spirit of innovation which reaches back to the 1970s.


Midleton Very Rare Whiskey – RRP £150


Midleton Very Rare Whiskey was created in 1984 and has been released annually since then. As the name suggests, it is exceptionally rare and is made from a selection of only the very finest pot still whiskeys matured in American bourbon barrels, with a subtle contribution from a portion of whiskey matured in unseasoned American oak.


Midleton has built a strong and loyal following amongst both Whisky and Whiskey drinkers worldwide and featured in Jim Murray’s annual Whisky Bible – the go to reference guide for connoisseurs – on numerous occasions since its first release over 30 years ago.


Tasting note: A light, sweet top note of cane sugar is followed by spices, vanilla and oak char, mixed with dairy aromas of fudge and milk chocolate. The taste is soft and mellow with ripe fruit flavours leading to a spicy finish.


Midleton Very Rare Whiskey comes in a beautiful wooden presentation box, so can be marketed as an ideal corporate gift.


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