NB gin founding couple Vivienne and Martin Muir

A royal seal of approval for NB gin

There are small-batch distilleries, and then there’s NB. This premium artisan gin was first made by husband and wife team Vivienne and Steve Muir on a truly ‘micro-batch’ scale, using nothing but a modified pressure cooker in their North Berwick kitchen.


The business may have expanded since then, but the gin is still made in tiny batches of just 100 litres. Only eight botanicals of exceptional quality are used in the distillation process, and any batches that don’t make the grade are discarded. Thanks to this uncompromising focus on quality and ultra-small batch production, NB has quickly developed into a luxury brand. The gin has already been endorsed by Rolls Royce and Saatchi, and was served at this year’s Brit Awards after-party in London to some of the biggest names in the music industry.


In addition to these impressive endorsements, NB Gin has been selected to appear in the official commemorative album for the Queen’s 90th birthday celebrations. The album will celebrate the life and reign of The Queen, as well as showcasing a selection of organisations from the spheres of education, culture, society, technology and business. NB Gin was selected to appear in the area of ‘luxury lifestyle’, and is one of only two drinks brands to appear in the publication. The album will be distributed to key figures and organisations around the world including heads of state, ambassadors and leaders of industry.


Royal Warrant holder and events manager to the rich and famous, Johnny Roxburgh, has described the gin as ‘superb’. And its complex nose and traditional pure, crisp palate earned it the title of World’s Best London Dry Gin at The World Drinks Awards in 2015.


NB Gin is created using the exacting and meticulous London Dry process. This means that all its flavours come only from the essential oils released from botanicals during distillation. No other flavours can be added at any time. Although immensely difficult to control, only the London Dry process creates the subtle variations of flavour and the distinctively smooth, long finish for which NB Gin is renowned.


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