In old Sicilian tannu means “back when”, and for the producer, references “back to when agriculture was completely natural.” Their philosophy therefore seems rather obvious; no pesticides, no fertilizers, using only what “Madre Natura” has provided in pure respect of the environment.

Using only hand-harvested and sorted grapes grown in the province of Trapani, in the southern Italian island of Sicily, they craft a range of great value wines made from indigenous Italian varietals Insolia and Nero d’Avola, with a dash of Merlot thrown in too.

Their organic practices involve the well known sexual confusion method, consisting of the release of pheromones in the vineyard to confuse the male and female insect species, a way to prevent mating and therefore diminishing a need for pesticides. Biodiversity is also promoted, allowing plants other than vines to grow in and around the vineyard, including weeds. This regulates the vineyard soil by attracting beneficial insects, spiders and predatory mites, as well as supporting wildlife with shelters and food sources. A happy vineyard without a pesticide or fertiliser in sight.

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