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Navajas Spain harvest

Spain harvest 2018

By Charlotte Levy   The Spanish harvest this year can be summed up as balanced.   In general, Spain didn’t experience the heatwave and sunshine that the majority of Northern Europe enjoyed in 2018. More moderate weather and mostly welcomed rainfall meant yields were around average, or slightly below,

Italy harvest report Alois Lageder

Italy Harvest 2018

By Charlotte Levy   The growing season saw a glimpse of normality return for our Italian producers, following the intense heat and April frosts of last year.   The varying climatic conditions from the North to the Southern Islands kept the vintners on their toes. Rainfall and hail were

Santo Wines harvest

Rest of Europe harvest 2018

While challenging in some parts of Europe, the 2018 wines are expected to be brilliant. The heat of 2018 has impacted producers from Germany to Turkey in a number of ways. For most, the dry, warm year has resulted in larger, higher-quality yields than they’ve

Jean Perrier harvest 2018

France harvest 2018

A wet, stormy spring affected yields in some areas, but the glorious summer that followed has resulted in a largely optimistic picture from our French producers.   The north and east of France had a particularly good year, with Champagne, Alsace, Burgundy and their surrounding areas reporting

Harvest at Ironstone USA

USA Harvest 2018

The wildfires of 2017, and the previous years of drought, have given the US wine industry their fair share of challenges. It’s no surprise then that 2018 has been a welcome relief for American, and especially Californian, wine producers.   A dry, warm summer has been typically