Rianie and Louis Strydom are a real powerhouse couple in the South African wine scene. Winemakers at well-known Stellenbosch producers and members of the esteemed Cape Winemakers Guild, they set up their own winery as a side project in 2012.

The Strydom logo of a lion, a bee and stars represents what they are all about: family, strength, tenacity and reaching for the stars; relentlessly pursuing excellence in winemaking and life.

Rianie Strydom began her journey into wine at a young age, and a fierce passion for all things vinous grew quickly. Both Rianie and her husband Louis did a degree in Viticulture and Oenology at the University of Stellenbosch, and a Diploma at Elsenburg Agriculture College.

While Louis continues with other projects, Rianie has decided to focus solely on Strydom Vineyards. Louis still looks after the viticulture side of the business but Rianie takes charge in the winery, crafting wines that can capture their origins and the personality of where they are grown. Inspired by the great classics of Bordeaux, the Strydom Vineyards goal is to create wines that will evolve and improve for years to come.

While focusing on Cabernet Sauvignon as the “King” of grapes (the wine is named Rex, the Latin translation), Chenin Blanc and Syrah are also grown to craft elegant, fresh and powerful wines which exude craftsmanship.

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