Laying claim to the title of oldest farm in Stellenbosch dating back to 1692, the first wine was bottled under the Spier name in 1971. In the same year Spier helped to establish the Stellenbosch Wine Route, now one of the best trodden paths for wine lovers the world over. Spier is a Champion member of the Biodiversity & Wine Initiative (BWI), organically certified and follows the Integrated Production of Wine (IPW) criteria.  The health of the soil is paramount. Cellar master is Frans Smit, aided and abetted by white winemaker Jacques Erasmus and red winemaker Johan Jordaan.

Their Signature range showcases what Spier does best: balanced and approachable single varietal wines. The Creative Block range offers classic blends of red and white grapes from diverse vineyard parcels and ties in to local arts projects. The Frans K Smit, named after the man himself in thanks for his dedication to Spier, is a flagship red blend.

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