Royal Tokaji Company

Loved by kings and courtiers alike, Tokaji was once considered the best sweet wine in Europe and enjoyed a heyday lasting hundreds of years. Under Communism the wine industry was all but wiped out, with only one state winery in production in Tokaji. The fall of the Iron Curtain finally gave way to private investment and Hugh Johnson, on a trip to the region shortly afterwards, saw an opportunity to revive this ancient wine and so forged the beginnings of the Royal Tokaji Company.

Wines are graded according to levels of sweetness in puttonyos, referring to the number of baskets of botrytised grapes added to each cask of base wine. Royal Tokaji produce 5 and 6 puttonyos wines only, the highest level of sweetness, equivalent to a minimum 120g/l of sugar, with a focus on the great single vineyard styles which had been all but neglected in previous years. The wines combine a balance of rich, sweet fruit and mouth-watering acidity, making them a good match for both sweet and richer, savoury foods.

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