Quinta de la Rosa

The Bergqvist family has been involved in the Douro’s port trade since 1815, with the Quinta de la Rosa estate gifted to current owner Sophia Bergqvist’s grandmother Clara as a christening present in 1906. The winery rose to become one of Portugal’s top quality port producers over the course of the next 90 years – but it was in the 1990s when its prowess as a still wine producer in the region became evident. Quinta de la Rosa was a pioneering force for still winemaking in the Douro, helping propel it to world recognition and renown.

Quinta de la Rosa’s landscape is unusual; it remains one of the only Single Quintas in the Douro to start at the bank of the river and stretch up to a peak of 450ml. This unique span of land covers an incredible eleven microclimates, each of which ensures additional layers of complexity and depth in the Quinta de la Rosa wines.

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