Niizawa Brewing Co

Established in 1873 in Miyagi, Northern Honshu, Niizawa is a family company now owned by 5th generation brewer Iwao Niizawa. The 2011 earthquake devastated the region, forcing a move to the safer, higher land and to a new brewing facility. The sakes produced here are drier than normal sakes and make a particularly good match with seafood dishes. Here the precision needed to produce sake is taken to its logical conclusion. Storage rooms are laid out to promote even airflow to ensure there are no hot spots. Each staff member is encouraged to blind taste single batches. And Iwao himself regularly tests himself so he always draws a 4ml taste from a glass. The staff work to absolute facts but the sake is the stuff of legend. The Hakurakusei range refers to a local legend of men with a magic gift to identify fast horses and teach them to fly.

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