Millton Vineyards

Having gained experience in the wine regions of France and Germany, James and Annie Millton returned to New Zealand in the early eighties and set about replanting the family’s grape growing vineyards in Gisborne. Putting their environmental beliefs in to practice, Millton Vineyards became the first producer in New Zealand to gain organic status in 1989 and first for Biodynamics in 2009 – one of the 10 original grape growers in the world to do so. Their simple philosophy is to produce the best possible wine in a truly natural state, with a ‘sense of place’. Emphasis is placed on building the biological activity of the soil and cultivating species of flora and fauna to improve vineyard health. The wines have amassed countless awards around the world but the Milltons are adamant that the wines are made to be drunk rather than judged. To which we say – cheers…

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