Josef Chromy

Arriving from post war Europe in 1950 at the age of 19 after fleeing Soviet occupation, Czech-born Josef Chromy learnt the butcher’s trade and went on to establish one of Tasmania’s biggest food companies. Realising the potential of this lush, cool climate island as a world class wine region, he invested heavily in the local wine industry from 1993 onwards, setting up and managing many of what would become Tasmania’s best known wineries. Never content to rest on his laurels however, Josef decided in 2007, at the age of 76, to establish his own winery in the hills of Northern Tasmania, The state of the art winery, which also houses an award winning restaurant, produces cool climate wines with exquisite balance and poise, notably traditional method sparkling wines and aromatic, white styles which marry succulent fruit, crisp acidity and structure.

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