Bodegas Alvear

Situated in the Montilla-Moriles region, close to the town of Cordoba in Andalucia, Alvear has been a family run bodega since the late 18th century and there are still more than 50 members of the family who help to run the business, Bodegas Alvear.

The principal grape of Montilla-Moriles is Pedro Ximenez which crops up in other regions but here in Montilla achieves its raison d’etre. The sweeter styles of PX are the result of a lengthy winemaking process where freshly picked, super ripe grapes are laid on mats and exposed to the sun until they become raisin-like. The dense, pressed juice is then vinified and aged either in barrel or in earthenware jars depending on the final style. The Solera Anada 1927 refers to the ancient solera system which was started in 1927.

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