Battle of Bosworth

Family owned and run by the Bosworth family since the 1970s, the winery takes its name from the rather more bloody 15th century Battle although luckily shares no other similarities. Owners Joch Bosworth and Louise Hemsley-Smith have farmed the estate organically since 1995 (their own personal ‘battle’) and Joch is committed to the task of simple, old fashioned grape growing without the need for chemical additions. The soft, warm climate of the McLaren Vale, 7km due west of the sea, is particularly suited to organic farming and certain species are allowed to flourish to improve the overall biological health of the vines. One such example of this is the Sour Sob weed, symbolised on the wine labels with the yellow flower, which creates a matting under the vines to stop the progress of other weeds. The estate produces single vineyard styles with very pure, fresh fruit and some wines are bottled without fining, filtration or preservatives.

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